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News update: Read this announcement  about HCA and the renewed CCC!


The key features of the Care Classification system

A New Approach

The CCC System facilitates the electronic documentation of nursing plans of care (POCs) in a whole new way.


The Framework makes it possible to code the data represented in the four levels. It allows the coded data to be aggregated upward for big data as well as dissect the coded data downward to obtain atomic level data elements.


The CCC System is recognized as the terminology of choice for documenting the essence of patient care in the electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Free Online Tools

Please check out our free mobile-friendly tool. You may also want to try our interactive plans of care demo.

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Finally a way to show the value and impact that nursing has on health outcomes!

Seth Wolpin PhD MPH RN

The online Code Builder shows how the system can be integrated into an EMR.

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